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1. Security Bug Reporting Procedures

If you find or suspect a security related program bug in this distribution, please send a report to security@ntpsec.org. Please do not contact developers directly.

2. Non-Security Bug Reporting Procedures

If you find or suspect a non-security related program or documentation bug in this distribution, please enter a report on the project’s issue tracker. Bugs reported this way are immediately forwarded to the developers. Please do not contact the developers directly.

If you wish to send a report via electronic mail, please remember that your report will be held until one of our volunteers enters it in the project’s issue tracker. The email address for these reports is bugs@ntpsec.org. You will need to join the bugs list to participate directly in any e-mail discussion regarding your report. If you don’t register and we have questions for you we won’t be able to make progress on fixing your problem. Please directly register on and use our bugtracker instance to report issues.

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